Mother of Exiles

from by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff

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© 2008 Maya Bohnhoff

Not like the copper giantess of fame,
With sandaled feet upon Atlantic sand.
Here at our sea-washed sunrise gates are banned
Those the woman with her torch once claimed.
Those souls imprisoned, those who cried her name:
“Mother of Exiles,” from whose beacon-hand
Glowed world-wide welcome. Now her eyes command
the ne’er-bridged walls along which rifles aim.

“Keep, broken lands, your harried poor!” cries she
With smiling lips. “Give me your trade. Your poor,
Your huddled masses, matter not to me,
Nor wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, to some other lee.
I douse my lamp; just send your gold ashore.
Mother of Exiles lives here no more.

My lamp lies shattered on the shore
And blind, I seek the shards.
Mother of Exiles—weeping in the bone yards."


from Mobius Street, released August 12, 2008
Maya Bohnhoff - Lead and Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jeff Bohnhoff - Guitars, Drum Programming
Victor Gonzalez - Bass
Mich Sampson - Piano
Chris French - Alto Sax
Michelle (vixy) Dockrey - Background Vocals



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Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff San Jose, California

Jeff and Maya have an identity crisis. Their music is sometimes uproariously funny parody (like their spot-on "Bohemian Rhapsody" parody "Midichlorian Rhapsody", or hauntingly beautiful, like "Road to Jerusalem" or "Manhattan Sleeps". One way or another, their music will create strong emotions. Jeff and Maya have been creating music together since 1979, and plan to continue for some time to come. ... more

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