Fill My Prescription

from by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff



©2008 Jeff Bohnhoff

All the old ladies in the line;
They don’t really feel all that fine.
If they move too quick (oh whey oh);
They're falling down like a domino.
All the bazaar men with cheap drugs;
They make the money on the net.
Ship it for miles (oh whey oh).
They snap their teeth at the government.
Retirees with the fixed incomes say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Please fill my prescription.

The Blonde nurses aides take their trays;
They spin around and they cross the floor.
They've got the pills (oh whey oh).
You take your meds then they bring you more.
All the Senators who passed the law;
They choose the plan on the Medicare.
When the buzzer rings (oh whey oh)
They want to fill their prescription.
All the gramps in the marketplace say,
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh,
Just fill my prescription.

Slide your feet up the stairs strain your back
Shift your neck then you feel it crack
Life's hard you know (oh whey oh)
So take a dose for your cataracts.
If you want to find all the docs,
They're hanging out in the golf pro shop.
They sing and dance (oh whey oh).
They spin their clubs cruise down the block.

All the English and Canadian,
They’re socialized like the Kremlin.
And the old folks know (oh whey oh);
They wait in line for prescriptions.
All the docs in the waiting room say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh.
Just fill my prescription.
Just fill my prescription.


from Grated Hits, released March 12, 2010
Maya Bohnhoff - Lead Vocal, Background Vocals
Jeff Bohnhoff - Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Synths

Lyric - Jeff Bohnhoff



all rights reserved


Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff San Jose, California

Jeff and Maya have an identity crisis. Their music is sometimes uproariously funny parody (like their spot-on "Bohemian Rhapsody" parody "Midichlorian Rhapsody", or hauntingly beautiful, like "Road to Jerusalem" or "Manhattan Sleeps". One way or another, their music will create strong emotions. Jeff and Maya have been creating music together since 1979, and plan to continue for some time to come. ... more

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